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CDISC is the most significant development for convenience in data exchange without confusion within the pharmaceutical industry and between the industry and regulatory authorities. After being recommended by FDA, this data standard has been implemented by clinical research organizations, contract research organizations, Pharma/biotechnology companies, and other companies which use or generate clinical data. CDISC standards are employed as a service by many organizations as it brings clarity and simplicity to the clinical data which is now far more organized than before after CDISC standards implementation.

CDM services are available as part of our integrated service offering or under a complete or partial Functional Service Provider (FSP) relationship. Our global staff uses our well-documented processes and service levels agreements to ensure timely deliverables. We handle all phases of clinical research across the full spectrum of therapeutic areas.

CDISC standards have a direct and strong impact on the clinical development process. CDISC standards define the data structures within the clinical database management system, case report tabulations and analysis datasets. These standards affect several operative functions where clinical data has to be handled or is handled.

Clincorp Technologies has a very deep understanding of CDISC standards and services and believes these help in achieving the miracles in driving the Clinical Research process. Hence provides a number of services on the lines of CDISC.

  • CDISC Mapping Specification Document
  • SDTM, ADaM Domain Datasets Generation
  • Applications Development Using CDISC Standards
  • Legacy Study Conversion
  • ISS/ISE Studies Standardization
  • Comprehensive Validation of SDTM & ADaM Datasets
  • Define XML Document
  • eCTD Development & Validation
  • CDISC Training