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High tech companies like yours face the unique challenge of continuously developing innovative products while getting them to market quickly enough to reap maximum profit from first-to-market advantage. Shortened life cycles from rapid technology advancement, mean you have to carefully balance assets to decrease product time to market, while keeping overhead and operational costs down. Lean manufacturing is essential. Clincorp Technologies solve these challenges directly and affordably by providing the integrated solutions with industry-specific functionality you need to operate globally, whether you're a component manufacturer, electronic manufacturing service company, or OEM in the industrial, consumer, telecommunications, or office-equipment markets. With Clincorp Technologies, you can seamlessly connect your customers, your operations, and your suppliers.

With Clincorp Technologies you can:

  • Cut costs.
  • Improve productivity.
  • Get products to market faster.
  • Shorten product life cycles.
  • Differentiate products with added services.
  • Synchronize your entire supply chain.
  • Collaborate with your trading partners in real time.
  • Expand your global presence.
  • Respond to changes in the market faster.

Clincorp Technologies knows that one size doesn't fit all when it comes to software. Choose one of these options to find the right sized solution for your organization:

Enterprise—An end-to-end solution that can handle an international, complex business with the toughest challenges. Clincorp TechnologiesEnterprise technology provides high performance and easy scalability to serve large numbers of users at multiple sites.
Business —An all-encompassing approach to the needs of your mid-sized, diversified, organization. Clincorp TechnologiesBusiness technology is designed for rapid implementation and low operating costs for companies of nearly every size that are running multiple sites.
Express—A complete solution that gets you up-and-running quickly, so you realize rapid time to value and low total cost of ownership. Clincorp Technologies Express technology brings usable simplicity to growing companies that need a full featured software solution with a short learning curve.

Seamlessly connect your customers, your operations, and your suppliers to lower costs and get products to market more quickly with Clincorp Technologies

Global Benefit:

Clinical trials occur globally because you will make medicines for use around the world.

Clincorp Technologies is known for its expertise in managing and conducting large international clinical trials. Furthermore, we increase our international market share of high quality clinical development services continuously, while seizing new opportunities afforded by the growing market for niche indications and populations. Our expertise, knowledge and long lasting experience in your business will help you to avoid costly and timely delays and overcome regulatory constraints.