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The diversity and innovativeness of the medical device sector contribute significantly to enhance the quality and efficacy of healthcare. Covering a wide range of products, from simple bandages to the most sophisticated life-support products, the medical device sector plays a crucial role in the diagnosis, prevention, monitoring and treatment of diseases and the improvement of the quality of life for people suffering from disabilities.

The European regulatory environment for medical device clinical trials has changed significantly. All implantable and combination medical devices require clinical research data to obtain the CE Mark (official mark of consumer safety in the European Economic Area). Clincorp Technologies can help you conduct your medical device development on the right pathway. We can help ensure that the clinical development of your product conforms to all the relevant safety and health requirements outlined in the EU medical device legislation.

To provide the evidence for your notified body and competent authorities, Clincorp Technologies offers:

  • Protocol planning and feasibility
  • Assistance in obtaining ethical and legal approval
  • Material logistics
  • Compliant and efficient trial conduct
  • Appropriate monitoring
  • Data capture technology
  • Vigilance
  • Risk assessment
  • Clinical evaluation
  • Statistical analysis
  • Reporting

Clincorp Technologies applies specific procedures for conducting clinical investigations of medical devices that will:

Protect human subjects
Ensure proper scientific conduct in the clinical investigation
Assist sponsors, monitors, investigators, ethics committees, regulatory authorities and bodies involved in assessing medical device conformity

When you choose Clincorp Technologies as your clinical development partner, you will have access to dedicated and qualified medical device clinical research sites, especially for indications such as orthopedics, surgery, trauma, cardiovascular, neurology, pain therapies, thrombosis and prophylactic treatments. We’ll help you design and implement a clinical trial that best meets your needs, whether you need clinical data to support a regulatory pre-market submission, drive product adoption, support product reimbursement or monitor post-market product use.