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All patients, whether fighting a deadly disease or managing a chronic condition, live in hope of new medicines and improved therapies. The pharmaceutical industry is meeting these hopes with new products that improve health and give patients better treatment options.

Clincorp Technologies understands that clinical research is the critical element in the development of your revolutionary medicines. We conduct your clinical trials consistent with the principles that have their origin in...

The Declaration of Helsinki
ICH-Efficacy guidelines, such as ICH-E6 on Good Clinical Practice (GCP) to assure the rights, safety and well-being of the trial participants.

Whether you are a big global player or a small pharmaceutical company and whether your product portfolio covers all major indications or you manage only one drug, Clincorp Technologies can help you efficiently conduct your global clinical trials and provide evidence on the efficacy and safety of your drug candidate.

The drug development process can be a time-consuming, expensive endeavor that involves a series of complex steps from discovery to commercialization and beyond. The ultimate success of your drug moving through this process depends solely on the actions of and critical decisions made by professional individuals at each stage along the way. Your trial will benefit from Clincorp Technologies comprehensive experience spanning all stages of drug development phases as well as our significant contribution to a large number of NDAs and MAAs in all major therapeutic areas.